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The play is set in 1967 when internationally known Frances Biddle, former Attorney General under Franklin D. Roosevelt and Chief Judge of the Nuremberg trials, is trying to put his life in order. Elegant, but sharply cantankerous, he struggles with the inevitability of his age and failing health. His wife has forced upon him a young new secretary named Sarah, and the two struggle to find a way to communicate. This richly scripted story illustrates how two strangers, at two dramatically different places in their lives, can unexpectedly and forever influence each other.

Cast & Creative

Featuring Peter Haig
Christine Carroll
Playwright Joanna McClelland Glass
Directed by Nanique Gheridian
Scenic Design Sean McClelland
Costume Design Morgan Lane Tanner
Lighting Design Michael Burris
Sound Design Nanique Gheridian
Stage Manager Lara Kinzel